Leonard D. Pearce - President WYOIL

Patrick M. Dolan - Chairman of the Board of Directors of WYOIL Corp.

Dr. Albert R. Wight - Treasurer WYOIL

Leonard D. Pearce
President and CEO of WYOIL Corp.
Director of WYOIL Corp.

Leonard Pearce graduated the University of Wyoming in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. He has worked briefly as a petroleum engineer in training with major oil companies before graduation, but returned to the family business of drilling, completions and production where he has acquired broad and deep experience in exploration, production design and administration in the upstream petroleum industry. He has worked in this discipline, and particularly in the mature fields of Wyoming, most of his professional life, and has performed numerous engineering and drilling services for major and junior oil companies. In this capacity, he has experience in every phase of engineering and administration in permitting, designing, drilling and production of petroleum resources. He is particularly active in studying, appraising and applying new and unique technologies to various parts of the business.

Of special note, Mr. Pearce has designed, constructed and operated unique, efficient treatment systems for dehydrating heavy crude and radium reduction of wastewater. He has also designed and manufactured a patented, computerized sandline depthometer during the early '80's, been a principal of an international consortium proposing to build a hazardous waste resource recovery plant to deal with European industrial waste in the late '80's and has been a director of a NASDAQ traded manufacturing firm.

The Pearce family has had several generations in the Wyoming oil business. Some of WYOIL's properties were originally drilled by Leonard's father and uncle. It is his contacts, credibility and experience in the business that have allowed WYOIL to be presented with many of the extraordinary opportunities that have built the business. Mr. Pearce has also contributed all of his production and servicing assets to WYOIL for stock. His future is tied completely to the success of WYOIL, and his dedication to this business is complete.

Patrick M. Dolan
Chairman of the Board of Directors of WYOIL Corp.
President: Western Oil Treatment Ltd.
President: 626916 Saskatchewan Ltd.

In his capacity as a designer, he has been responsible for all of the proprietary re-refining equipment developed for the Magnum refinery, the portable napthenic oil processing plant used by Western Oil to fill and service large power transformers, numerous industrial, aviation, marine and automotive projects and products ranging from agricultural equipment through food production, plastics and processing equipment. His companies have performed technical and management consulting, design, prototype and series production manufacturing. He also has been involved as a principal in international finance, environmental and political ventures.

Mr. Dolan has been a private businessman most of his life, and has provided labor/management consulting services, shareholder relations and communications for a NASDAQ company. He has headed an international consortium of engineering and environmental companies on a project piloting at $350MM USD and has sat on various Boards and Committees with organizations as diverse as business, political parties, public interest groups and the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute. 

Mr. Dolan and his family have contributed all of their petroleum services business to WYOIL for stock. He was elected to represent stockholders as the first Chairman of the Board of Directors, and will continue to serve in a full time capacity within the management team. He is responsible for corporate planning and development, and contributes to all financial and technical matters.

Dr. Albert Wight
Director of WYOIL Corp.

Dr. Wight is a management and organizational consultant who is generally under contract to the World Bank to provide advice and management to projects financed through large loans and grants. Most recently he has been advising on projects related to bank and corporate restructuring in Korea and Indonesia, and prior to this was a senior advisor in the Russian Privatization Center and the Securities Commission in Moscow. Prior to this he has worked as cross-cultural and organizational development advisor to major oil companies and other large international companies for executives relocating to foreign nations and in the formation of international joint ventures. He is a director of a company in the rubber manufacturing industry in Malaysia and was a principal of West Bonanza Oil, which has been purchased with restricted common stock by WYOIL. Dr. Wight has joined the board of directors where his decades of experience and broad reaching contacts are expected to contribute to corporate management and development. He is a native of Wyoming, and owns an operating cattle ranch in the Big Horn Basin.