Executive Summary

WyOIL Corp. is a Nevada corporation located in Buffalo, Wyoming. It was organized for the specific purpose of acquiring and developing petroleum and natural gas properties in the Powder River Basin and other locations around the States of Wyoming and Montana. The Corporation is organized as a public company, and is not reporting or trading until it has assembled its strategic asset base.

Its investment strategy is to acquire undervalued assets in which it can find value because of the skill and experience of the corporation or its personnel. Investments are made primarily from equity or equity based instruments, with term-financed debt and other periodic obligations being kept to a practical minimum. This strategy keeps the corporation insulated from the consequences of downturns in energy commodity prices.

The market for petroleum products from WyOIL is dependant upon the continuation of the US economy as a hydrocarbon-dependant society. It will only have to be a modestly successful player to provide good returns and value for its shareholders. Success does not depend upon upsetting the market or displacing competitors. The chosen geographic location is rich with unrecovered petroleum resources and has a fully developed infrastructure to purchase and transport product and to support operations by the corporation.

It acquires mature oil fields that still contain considerable reserves and will increase production by performing remedial maintenance and upgrading production facilities. It will then apply Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies to produce those reserves at a much higher rate. EOR development will begin when carbon dioxide gas can be purchased (estimated 2002) from a pipeline into the Powder River Basin recently announced by major oil companies.

The Corporation is now acquiring coal bed methane properties to develop over the next few years. It will use the revenue from initial phase of development of shallow gas fields to provide earnings that can finance CBM and EOR projects. It has 7,600 acres under lease to develop and is currently negotiating to acquire a further 50,000. All are in the area of highest success of development of coal bed methane.

It has other business interests that can provide income from diversification of activities to other, vertically integrated portions of the resource industry. It is positioned carefully to be identified as an environmentally responsible, and pro-active entity.

The Corporation has been assembled from several smaller holdings, and constitutes a substantial real value from the assets it now owns. These assets have been acquired at greatly depreciated book values. Each operating component corporation is profitable on its own. The former principals of the core and subsidiary companies are fully invested in the WyOIL venture.

Acquisitions are accomplished by equity investment. Near-term growth and development will be funded by equity investment in the first stages of shallow gas field development. Mid-term earnings and capital for long-term development of methane and enhanced oil recovery projects will be generated from the CBM properties acquired during the first years. Long term, stable earnings will be generated from producing the remaining CBM reserves and EOR petroleum.

WyOIL Corp. has a broad base of foreign investors holding mostly restricted stock and a small pool of domestic shareholders with mostly restricted stock. It is positioning itself to be a strong company by valuation when it begins trading (estimated to be late in 2000) concurrent with the opening of the pan-European NASDAQ electronic exchange. It should be in a good position from earnings to further enhance shareholder value over the ensuing years from strong earnings potential first from shallow gas, and later light oil.

The corporation is based upon sound, productive assets. The officers and directors have a definite vision for the future and the broad background and long experience in all of the related business disciplines required to realize that vision.